[Update 2022] Duplicate Order Feature!

Have you ever want to deliver same order and same locations without creating new booking? 

Here’s the duplicate order’ feature. 

Duplicate order’ feature that will make you creating your history order and details with just simply clicks, and yet it can help you save a bunch of your money and time!

How to duplicate your order? Let’s take a look at this breakdown:

  1. Go to my booking order and check completed your order. 
  2. Look at the ‘Date’ tap to select time of order you wish to repeat.
  3. Click ‘Duplicate’ button on order that you wish to repeat (kindly review your detail before you confirm). 
  4. Click ‘Confirm’ button.

Understanding documents for sea shipments in under 3 minutes

Let SKOOTAR handle your import documents professionally, punctually, and smoothly.

Typically, someone who wants to import goods by sea would spend half a day or even a whole day handling paperwork. Time wasted on this can prove to be costly to the business. By choosing SKOOTAR as your partner, our professional and well-trained messengers can help alleviate this problem diligently.

For those who wish to collect their imported goods, but are unsure what documents they need to prepare, we have your answer down below.

  1. Original import declaration (Kor.Kor..99/1)
  2. Product release order (Kor Sor Kor. 100/1)
  3. Invoice
  4. Packing details account (Packing)
  5. Bill of Lading (B/L)
  6. Insurance Premium Invoice
  7. License or authorization letter for imported controlled goods
  8. Certificate of Origin in case of requesting a reduction in the duty rate
  9. Other documents such as documents showing the mix Product features and uses, etc.

With these many documents required of you, a substantial amount of time is spent; not including the time spent handling with B/L and D/O permissions. Our messengers are professional, well-trained, and are highly experienced in handling importation by sea documents for over 7 years. 

Think wisely, and allow SKOOTAR to assist you with the time-consuming bureaucratic paperwork so that you can spend your business time efficiently.

Simply download the SKOOTAR app via Google Play, Apple Store, or by visiting our SKOOTAR website, and have your documents handled in no time.

For additional subsequent time you choose SKOOTAR to help you with your documents, try our new feature “Favorite Mess.” You can choose your favorite SKOOTAR messenger to handle your documents again. Our professional and trained messengers, remember your previous orders, so you no longer have to repeat them, further saving your time.

For an entrepreneur, like yourself, with many important decisions and very little time, allow SKOOTAR to assist you.

Let handling documents and bureaucratic paperwork, no longer be of an issue.

KBank teams with H SEM Motor to offer discounted EV bike rental fee for SKOOTAR riders via K+ market

KBank teams with H SEM Motor to offer discounted EV bike rental fee for SKOOTAR riders at only 90 Baht per day via K+ market

Dr. Karin Boonlertvanich (center), Executive Vice President, KASIKORNBANK PCL. (KBank), along with Mr. Wanchai Leenawattana (right), Chief Executive Officer, H SEM Motor Co., Ltd., and M.L. Kamolprudh Jumbala (left), CEO, Skootar Logistics Company Limited, jointly unveiled a campaign to promote the use of EV bikes for parcel and food delivery services. To help reduce related expenses, the campaign is also offering SKOOTAR riders promotional discounts for renting an EV bike at only 90 Baht per day via K+ market if they wish to rent an EV bike for 30 days, and at 120 Baht per day for a shorter rental period of 1, 5, 7 or 15 days, from now until April 30, 2022.
Additionally, KBank has set up an H SEM Power Station at 12 branches to offer H SEM’s EV bike users greater convenience. This service will also be expanded in the future, with the aim of promoting the use of EV bikes in line with KBank’s ‘GO GREEN Together’ project that encourages Thais to unite in creating a green society.

SKOOTAR x Ocean Life Insurance PCL.

🛵🛵 SKOOTAR Join hand with Ocean Life Insurance PCL. delivery love and care right to your doorstep.

For users of delivery service for all orders get the Premium “Ochi Mask” Limited Edition.

Special! Get 2 movie tickets immediately 🎞 and get a chance to win gold Ochi 1 dimes from Ocean Life Insurance.

Just take out insurance according to the conditions And enter the code received from the press release 📅

Insurance purchase period From March 15 – April 30, 2021📌

More detail :


For more information, 📞 Call 0 2207 8844.

*Conditions are as specified by the company.

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Steps to Book an Order from the SKOOTAR Website (Update 2022)

Are you looking for a quick, step-by-step guide on how to use the SKOOTAR ? You’re right where you need to be!

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to use:

  1. Selected your preferred vehicle (Bike, Car, Hatchback, SUV, Pick-up car, and Pick-up box)
  2. Insert Pick-up point and Drop-off point.
  3. Select your Item type and additional service (if required).
  4. Insert your Pick-up time or schedule your delivery.
  5. Double-check your details and book delivery.

That’s simple. Are you ready to place you first delivery order with SKOOTAR? 

Click on the button below to started !

Want to deliver with skootar

SKOOTAR Individual Customers Can Now Issue Receipts Under a Company Name

SKOOTAR Individual Customers Can Now Issue Receipts Under a Company Name

SKOOTAR Individual Customers Can Now Issue Receipts Under a Company Name

In November 18, SKOOTAR has brought a new feature for individual customers to be able to issue their receipts under their respective company name. With this feature, the individual customers can then withdraw money in a case when a certain company does not have a company customer in our system. At that time, the individual customers can do it through making an order on the website only. You can read for more information about how to issue a receipt under a company name through the website here.

SKOOTAR Individual Customers Can Issue Receipt Under a Company Name As Follows.

1. Select Your Order Location Starting Point – Ending Point

1. Open SKOOTAR app, then choose your preferred location from starting point to ending point (up to 10 locations). You can have a messenger to go back to the starting point by selecting ‘Round Trip’.

2. Select a Preferred Category and Service

2. Select your preferred category and service. You can add more detail in a note box regarding things you would like your messenger to know.

3. Call a Messenger

3. Enter a promo code (if any) and click ‘Now’ (in 45 minutes) in order to call a messenger to pick up your package right away or click ‘Later’ in order to book an order in advance.

4. Issue a Receipt Under a Company Name

4. On the screen of confirming an order, make sure all of the information is correct. After that, click ‘Issue a Receipt Under a Company Name’, and then fill out all of the detail to confirm.

**For customers who make payment by cash, credit card or PromptPay only.

Check Out the Simple Steps of Making Bill Payment

Check Out the Simple Steps of Making Bill Payment

Bill payment, a new feature from SKOOTAR specifically for business customers that will help you make your payment easier without disclosing proof anymore. The feature will start functioning the first bill payment in February 2019 onward. You will receive another invoice along with a bar code that will help you make your payment easily via these channels as follows.

1. Every branch of Kasikorn Bank – You can make your transaction at a physical branch or via electronic channels without paying any fees. You can do it by following the simple steps as shown below.

  • K-Plus

    Check Out the Simple Steps of Making Bill Payment
    Bill payment via K-Plus steps

    4 Simple Steps To Make Payment via K-Plus

    1. Download – Open K-Plus app or download it on Play Store or Apple Store.

    2. Go to Scan – On the right hand side below ‘Scan’.

    3. Scan Bar Code – Select ‘Scan Bar Code’ instead of ‘QR Code’ on the right hand side.

    4. Make Payment – After clicking the ‘Scan Bar Code’, the screen will turn horizontal. Now you scan the bar code on the invoice page in order to make your payment.

  • K-Cyber – To create a bill payment form. Click here for more info

    Check Out the Simple Steps of Making Bill Payment
    Bill payment via K Cyber steps

    1. Click ‘Product and Service Payment’

    2. Fill out detail such as bank account number and invoice

    3. Specify the amount of money you would like to pay now or later

    4. Make payment

  • ATM

    Check Out the Simple Steps of Making Bill Payment
    Bill payment example

1. Insert your ATM card.
2. Enter you ATM card password.
3. Click ‘Bill Payment/Cash Payment/Barcode Payment’.
4. Click ‘Others/Specify Company Code/Specify Company ID’.
5. Click ‘Saving Account’.
6. Enter password Company ID ‘10506’ Skootar Logistics.
7. Enter your invoice number (Ref.1) according to your bill payment.
8. Enter your customer code (Ref.2) according to your bill payment.
9. Enter the amount of money you would like to transfer.
10. Check for accuracy before clicking ‘Confirm’

  • Any branch near you

2. Via other banks, click here for more information.

If you need additional information, feel free to contact our call center 02 105 4429 during business hours.

New Feature, Bill Payment! To Make Your Payment via Banks

SKOOTAR Bill Payment
New Feature, Bill Payment! To Make Your Payment via Banks

New Feature, Bill Payment! To Make Your Payment via Banks

Good news! In order to provide more convenience to our lovely customers, the company customers who choose payment method with invoice will receive an extra document, which is ‘Bill Payment’. This will be effective from February 2019 onward. The good thing about this new feature of payment is; the customers do not have to make payment directly with SKOOTAR anymore. However, transferring money method is still effective, but the customers have to notify their payment to SKOOTAR every time.

Bill Payment example

The document will notify the amount you have to pay along with a bar code. You can make the payment through various simple channels as follows.

1. Via various electronic channels of Kasikorn Bank such as ATM/K-Plus/K-Cyber/K-Biznet/K-Cash Connect without any fees. Click here.

2. Every branch of Kasikorn Bank without any fees charged.

3. Other banks. Click here for more information.

If you had any questions, feel free to contact our call center 02 105 4429 during working hours.