Announcement of SKOOTAR Messenger Identify

Announcement of SKOOTAR Messenger Identify

Due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus,SKOOTAR must change to online training for Messenger. Causing some of the messengers not have a SKOOTAR jacket or ID card.

You can identify our messenger via driver application

Announcement of Delivery and Customer Service Time Change

Announcement of Delivery and Customer Service Time Change

Announcement of Delivery and Customer Service Time Change

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Our services will be closed from 10:00 PM – 4:00 AM in accordance with the government’s announcement on the state of emergency. And Customer Service time as follow:

-Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM. – 10:00 PM.
-Saturday – Sunday and other official holidays: 9:00 AM. – 9:00 PM.
with effect from 3rd April 2020

However, you can still make advance orders for deliveries from 4:00 AM – 10:00 PM

SKOOTAR would like to thank you for your support.

Kindly note that if you have any further questions or suggestions, please contact SKOOTAR Customer Service Tel: 02 105 4429

What Should You Do to Buy eCoupon on Shopee?

What Should You Do to Buy eCoupon on Shopee?
A Special Coupon Discount, Book an order with us now, so you can use the SKOOTAR eCoupon password to immediately save your money.

How to Buy SKOOTAR eCoupon on Shopee

With these simple 4 steps, you can get a discount for booking a messenger to deliver your parcels or food from Skootar right away.

What Should You Do to Buy eCoupon on Shopee?
Step 1: Select an eCoupon You Want, Then Click ‘Buy’

What Should You Do to Buy eCoupon on Shopee?
Step 2: Go to Notification on Shopee in Order to View Purchased eCoupons

What Should You Do to Buy eCoupon on Shopee?
Step 3: Copy the Received eCoupon Password and Then Open SKOOTAR App : SKOOTAR eCoupon Password Is the Last 6 Digits

What Should You Do to Buy eCoupon on Shopee?
Step 4: Apply the Received Password in The Box and Then Click the ‘Confirm’ Button to Book Your Order

What Should You Do to Buy eCoupon on Shopee?



The Awesome Document Delivery Service of SKOOTAR

The Various Document Delivery Services that Will Meet All of Your Needs

The Awesome Document Delivery Service of SKOOTAR

During a rush hour – the most boring thing for businessmen, accountants or even regular office employees is definitely the inevitable documental work. Many of you may have waited for hours or even all day just to settle your bills or transfer your money to a bank account, but after that, you life will definitely be much simpler once you get to know our awesome SKOOTAR service.

The document delivery SKOOTAR service has well professionally trained messengers who are willing to assist various types of your documental tasks as follows.

1. Settling bills and important documents service – Good news is, this service is free! For those who have to suffer a headache with documental work or are afraid that a messenger might lose their important documents, come try SKOOTAR. You do not have to worry about all of those things. We have well trained messengers on this particular documental service.

2. Money transfer to a bank account service – This service will only impose an additional charge at only 40 baht. The service charge is quite affordable considering the amount of time having to wait in line for hours at a bank. Now SKOOTAR can quite save a lot of your time from carrying the money to transfer at the bank.

3. Cash on delivery service – This is our special service at SKOOTAR only, as we only charge a 50% of return trip. For example, if your round trip was 400 baht, using SKOOTAR service, the cost of your round trip will be only 300 baht. This can save quite a lot for you.

4. Pick-up at a van or post office service – Most of the working hours of post office is 8.30-16.30. The working hours seem to be quite difficult to manage to find a time to deliver a package at the post office for a lot of office employees like us or even many business owners. However, this problem will completely go away, once you get to use our SKOOTAR service. You can simply call our messenger to pick up your package and deliver it at the post office at any time for FREE!

Whoever is interested in trying the SKOOTAR service, please click the below.



Steps to Book an Order from the SKOOTAR Website

Anyone Can Use SKOOTAR via Its Website with These 4 Simple Steps

These are the simple steps to book an order from the SKOOTAR website in order to have a messenger to deliver your documents or food, settle your bills, pick up packages, handle official documents or make all type of utlity payments via website and so on for 24 hours.

You can book an order via the SKOOTAR website with these 4 simple steps as follows.

1. Specify Your Pick-Up Point as You Like

A messenger will arrive at your specified pick-up point by clicking ‘Specify Starting Point’ and ‘Specifiy Ending Point’.

2. Select Type of Main Service
Select the most suitable service to you need whether to send a general document or parcel (not over 20 kg), and then click ‘Next’.

3. Add Detail of Sender and Receiver
Fill out detail such as name and telephone number, and then click ‘Next’.

4. Select Your Prefered Payment Method and Sepcify Time of Work
After you specify payment method (cash, credit card, Skootar wallet and PromptPay) and specify time of work, then press order. A messenger will contact in a few seconds.



Special Promotion Using Shopee Coin to Get 8% Discount Free Code


Special Promotion Using Shopee Coin to Get 8% Discount Free Code
Discount More at 8% ,You can apply the discount code 1 time per 1 code until 30 April 2019

Special Privilege for Shopee Members

Special promotion is for the Shopee members to use 4 coins in order to redeem with 8% discount for using SKOOTAR until 30 April 2019.

How to Receive the Discount Code on Shopee App:
1. Download Shopee app.
2. Go to my Shopee coins.
3. Click ‘Redeem’ at SKOOTAR.
4. After that, you will see promo code for using SKOOTAR.

How to Receive the Discount Code on Shopee Website:
1. Go to or download Shopee app through App Store or Google Play Store.
2. Register or sign in in order to start.
4. Apply promo code.
5. Specify the type of service you would like to use and select payment.
6. Click ‘Confirm’ to book your order. The order will be delivery promptly and safely.

Special Promotion Using Shopee Coin to Get 8% Discount Free Code

Terms and Conditions of Discount Codes:
1. Receive 8% discount code limited to 1 person/time/device.
2. The discount code can be redeemed until 30 April 2019.
3. The discount code is limited to 100 privileges throughout the promotion period.
4. The discount promotion can be redeemed or converted to cash.
5. The discount code cannot be applied with other promotions.
6. SKOOTAR reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions without any prior notification. In any case of disputes, the company’s decision will be final the judgment.

For more information, please contact SKOOTAR CALL CENTER 02-105-4429, Line official @skootar or E-mail:

SKOOTAR Is Ready to Get Wet on This Songkran 💦

SKOOTAR Is Ready to Get Wet on This Songkran

We Are Ready to Get Wet for You.

Welcome to the complete national summer season! 🌞 Many of your may have a long plan to go back to your hometown and enjoy spending time and celebrating the festival with friends family. SKOOTAR would like to wish you all a safe trip and bon voyage.

But… for those who are still in Bangkok, no need to worry about it. SKOOTAR is ready get for you 💦. It does not matter whether you plan to take a rest at home, get busy celebrating the festival, have an urgent parcel that needs to be delivered or have no time to order food, we are here for you. We guarantee you convenience, safety and time saving. Just let our messengers to do your work or run your errand, then you will already have a good ending of this long holiday.🛵

SKOOTAR Is Ready to Get Wet on This Songkran

Just to remind you again! We are ready to get wet for you. So do not worry about your messenger will get all wet because we are all happy to serve you with a well protected box preventing damage from water.

SKOOTAR Is Ready to Get Wet on This Songkran

Most importantly, do not forget to book us in advance because there could be delay on delivery and our messengers may not be able to accept order promptly on this special holiday. For more information on how to book in advance, please click here.




SKOOTAR Individual Customers Can Now Issue Receipts Under a Company Name

SKOOTAR Individual Customers Can Now Issue Receipts Under a Company Name

SKOOTAR Individual Customers Can Now Issue Receipts Under a Company Name

In November 18, SKOOTAR has brought a new feature for individual customers to be able to issue their receipts under their respective company name. With this feature, the individual customers can then withdraw money in a case when a certain company does not have a company customer in our system. At that time, the individual customers can do it through making an order on the website only. You can read for more information about how to issue a receipt under a company name through the website here.

SKOOTAR Individual Customers Can Issue Receipt Under a Company Name As Follows.

1. Select Your Order Location Starting Point – Ending Point

1. Open SKOOTAR app, then choose your preferred location from starting point to ending point (up to 10 locations). You can have a messenger to go back to the starting point by selecting ‘Round Trip’.

2. Select a Preferred Category and Service

2. Select your preferred category and service. You can add more detail in a note box regarding things you would like your messenger to know.

3. Call a Messenger

3. Enter a promo code (if any) and click ‘Now’ (in 45 minutes) in order to call a messenger to pick up your package right away or click ‘Later’ in order to book an order in advance.

4. Issue a Receipt Under a Company Name

4. On the screen of confirming an order, make sure all of the information is correct. After that, click ‘Issue a Receipt Under a Company Name’, and then fill out all of the detail to confirm.

**For customers who make payment by cash, credit card or PromptPay only.

SKOOTAR Celebrates 900,000 Orders by Randomly Giving Away 300 Baht for 10 Rewards Every Week

SKOOTAR Celebrates 900,000 Orders 🎉

SKOOTAR randomly gives away 300 baht for new members every Monday. You can simply register on the SKOOTAR website.

🔥 How to Join 🔥
1. Sign up on our website
2. Follow the result on SKOOTAR Facebook Page every Monday (about 10 rewards per week).
3. Join the activity today until 31 December 2018.

Keep up and wait to find winners on Facebook SKOOTAR every Monday.