How to Create a Bill Payment Form via K-Cyber

How to Create a Bill Payment Form via K-Cyber
How to Create a Form in Order to Make a Bill Payment Via K-Cyber

How to Create a Bill Payment Form via K-Cyber Specifically for a Business Customer

We have launched the feature, Bill Payment for company users that will help making payment transaction more convenient and can be done at any place and at any time. (Click here for more info)

Many of you may not know, yet, that the bill payment can create a form that can remember your data, which helps making your next transaction more convenient. The instruction of how to make the payment via K-Cyber is as follows.

1. Sign in to the system of K-Cyber Banking. Select the left menu ‘Product & Service Payment’.

How to Create a Bill Payment Form via K-Cyber
Sign in to the system of K-Cyber Banking

1. Select Menu ‘Product & Service Payment’

2. Click new billing template

2. Product and service payment page. Select ‘New Billing Template’ button in order to access the page of product and service payment.

3. Bill payment form page. Create a form’s name > Select types of service for making payment ‘Products and Services’ > Select a Company you wish to make payment to. Click ‘Skootar Logistics (10506) > Select a bank account you wish to make payment > Fill out ‘Invoice Number’.

How to Create a Bill Payment Form via K-Cyber
Bill payment creating form screen

3. Fill out all of your detail

4. Once you fill out all of the correct detail, and then click save.

4. Bill payment creating form page. Click ‘Save Bill Payment Form’ button.

5. Bill payment form page – transaction checking. Enter OTP code from SMS, and then click ‘Confirm’ button.

How to Create a Bill Payment Form via K-Cyber
Bill payment form page – transaction-checking screen

5. After that, enter OTP code from SMS, and then click ‘Confirm’ button.

6. Complete bill payment form. Click ‘Go Back to Bill Payment Form’ button.

How to Create a Bill Payment Form via K-Cyber
Complete bill payment form

6. Click ‘Go Back to Bill Payment Form’ button.

7. Product and service payment page. Click a form to make a bill payment.

How to Create a Bill Payment Form via K-Cyber
Product and service payment screen

7. You will receive a list of bill payment form that was previously created.

How Does SKOOTAR Take Care of Our Messengers and Customers?

How Can Customers Actually Be Confident in SKOOTAR Service?

There are still many potential customers who may not be confident, yet, to use SKOOTAR service. There might be hesitation such as how your package or parcel can be delivered safely. Today, we have Khun Boom (Driver Operation Manager) and Khun Poo (Customer Service Supervisor) to tell you what SKOOTAR is like.

 What is SKOOTAR Process Like in Screening Messengers?

Khun Boom: Primarily, we would conduct a criminal background check. If a messenger does not pass the process’ criteria such as he or she has history of criminal or drug abuses, then the messenger will not be able to work with SKOOTAR.

How Can You Make Sure that Your Messengers Qualified to Provide Service to Customers?

Khun Boom: We usually have training specifically for messengers in terms of providing service to customers, using the system and dealing with various problems and solutions. We would later have a test after the training to evaluate knowledge and understanding of each messenger. It is crucial that the messenger must pass the training in order to start working with SKOOTAR. Besides that, there are also rules and regulations that particularly emphasize on customer service, so that our quality and standard are well maintained. SKOOTAR will take care of our messengers from their day one to their last day of being a SKOOTAR messenger. We consider that, having a happy messenger will result a happy customer service to our customers too.

So Let Us Take a Look at Customer Perspective. Have You Had any Situation When a Customer Having a Problem Using SKOOTAR?

Khun Poo: We have had from time to time. The major problem would be about how to keep up with a messenger. Because our customers want to know where their messenger is and when the order would be complete. Primarily, we would advise our customers to take a look their messenger GPS position in their order screen on SKOOTAR app. However, if the customers still cannot find their messenger’s movement or location, then we would assist the customers by updating and keeping up with the messenger and notify the current location to the customers immediately.

Has There Been Any Other Problems?

Khun Poo: Other problems would be when a certain customer is not familiar with using the app. Therefore, we would help explaining to customer slowly on how to make an order and even do it together with the customer until the customer can finally do it by himself. In another case, it would be when a customer cannot find location, then we would help the customer find the location. We feel proud and happy every time whenever we can assist the customers through our system.

How Can Customer Service Department Give Confidence to Customers on Using SKOOTAR Service?

Khun Poo: We would monitor our messenger service before a messenger receives an order until the order is complete. Before the messenger receives the order, we would constantly monitor type of order from the pinned order to product that will be delivered by SKOOTAR, as well as, texts in our customer note box. If we found that the location the customer specified looked strange, then we would constantly monitor to find what was wrong. We would then find a solution to the problem for the customer. Recently, we had a customer pinned a location by having the same points of location. We saw that the pin looked strange; therefore we called the customer immediately to find out what happened. As it turned out, the customer wanted the messenger to find his thing that he forgot to give. We took an immediate action to coordinate with the messenger and assist the customer along the way until the customer eventually found the thing he forgot.

I Suppose the Customer Must Be So Proud.

Khun Poo: Absolutely. We were also happy. (Smile)

And Besides Monitoring the Customer Order, Do You Have Other Ways to Ensure the Customers Would Be Confident in SKOOTAR Service?

Khun Poo: We do have. For example, when a messenger receives an order, we would coordinate with the messenger with various problems that might occur during work and constantly help the messenger solve problems. Once the order is finished, the messenger would take a picture at each location along with a signature of a receiver and submit that to the SKOOTAR system. The customer will later be able to check information of the order. We also have a favorite messenger system that the customers can choose their favorite messenger into a group of selection. If the customers found any messengers who provide bad service, then the customers can contact the number 02-105-4429 during working hours Mon-Fri at 07.00-17.30 or during weekend or public holidays at 09.00-21.00. We have our team who are always willing to listen to customers’ problems and find solutions.


So what else are you waiting for? A professional SKOOTAR messenger who is willing to deliver your documents, packages and food is here in Bangkok Metropolis.




Hidden Secret Feature to Call Your Favorite Messenger through Note Box


Hidden Secret Feature to Call Your Favorite Messenger through Note Box

Hello! SKOOTAR has a top hidden secret to reveal today. Many of you may be satisfied with one particular messenger who is polite and punctual, hence, you would like to use his service regularly. However, you may have come across saving so many favorite messengers that it may be impossible to specifically choose one particularly favorite one without your activity being seen. Here is how we can solve it.

How to Call Your Favorite Messenger through Note Box on SKOOTAR App

Hidden Secret Feature to Call Your Favorite Messenger through Note BoxStep 1: Open Your SKOOTAR App

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Active Order
  3. Complete Order
  4. Select Your Favorite SK from the Complete Order

Hidden Secret Feature to Call Your Favorite Messenger through Note Box

Step 2: 

  1. Go Back to the Menu   
  2. Call SKOOTAR
  3. Pin and Book Your Order Respectively

Hidden Secret Feature to Call Your Favorite Messenger through Note Box Step 3:

After Pinning the Order, You Will See a Box to Add Some Note to the Messenger.

Specify the Messenger Password “@SK (The Last Four Digits)”

After That, Click the Confirm Button. Now Your Favorite Messenger Can Already See Your Order.

How to Call Your Favorite Messenger through Note Box on SKOOTAR Website

Hidden Secret Feature to Call Your Favorite Messenger through Note Box

First Step: Open SKOOTAR Website

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Active Order
  3. Select Your Favorite SK Messenger from the Complete OrderHidden Secret Feature to Call Your Favorite Messenger through Note Box Step 2: Pin and Book Your Order
  4. Go to Menu to Call SKOOTAR
  5. Pin and Book Your Order RespectivelyHidden Secret Feature to Call Your Favorite Messenger through Note Box Step 3: Specify Your Favorite Messenger Password
  6. Specify the Messenger Password “@SK (The Last Four Digits)” and Click the Confirm Your Order.

Now Your Favorite Messenger Can Already See Your Order.

However, specifying the messenger password does not guarantee that the particular messenger is able to accept the order immediately or not. It usually depends on loads of work and the right time of the messenger. We recommend you to book your order in advance, if you would like to use this hidden feature of ours.


Here It Is… A New Feature to Increase Convenience to Your Work

SKOOTAR Would Like to Present a New Feature That Will Boost Convenience to All of Business and Employee Customers’ Work

 That is the feature that includes group invoice and work monitoring as follows.

  1. Group Invoice

Have you ever experience receiving several invoices when your company set ups so many accounts? This problem will completely go away with this group invoice feature. The company now can make their order from any accounts they have, but they will receive only one invoice.

For example, Mr. A, Mr. B & Mr. C work for a company called HAPPYCOMPANY and they all separately book an order via SKOOTAR app. As a result, there are 3 invoice bills turned up at the company in the end of the month. With the function of this group invoice feature, the HAPPYCOMPANY will therefore only receive 1 invoice bill from Mr. A, Mr. B & Mr. C altogether.

  1. Work Monitoring

We categorize user rights into 2 levels, which are Super User Level and User Level. The super user level can look into all the number of orders from the level user.

For example, Mr. A, Mr. B & Mr. C work for a company called HAPPYCOMPANY and Mr. A is a boss of Mr. B & Mr. C. Now Mr. A wants to check orders of Mr. B & Mr. C., therefore this function comes to play as it can specify user rights which enable Mr. A to easily monitor and see the number of orders that Mr. B & Mr. C have made.

If you are interested in trying this feature, you can make a request by sending the following documents.

  1. Phor Phor 20 and Company certificate.
  2. E-mail addresses of users you wish to have in the group invoice.

For example:

  1. Detail to issue an invoice consists of the following information.

– Name and address of the Company

– First name and last name of invoice contact

– E-mail address to issue the invoice

  1. If you would like to use the work-monitoring feature, please kindly inform the following information.

– E-mail address you wish to rank as Super User Level

– E-mail address you wish to rank as User Level


Terms and Conditions of the Group Invoice Feature

  1. The invoice that you receive will not specify detail of order that a user has made.
  2. The invoice will be included in the billing cycle after the process of grouping invoice is finished.
  3. E-mail addresses of users you wish to include in the group invoice feature must be already registered with SKOOTAR.
  4. SKOOTAR will take about 5-7 days to install the group invoice feature for you.


For more information, please contact our sales team 02-105-4429.

Food Delivery All Around Bangkok Metropolis

Do You Know That SKOOTAR Also Has Food Delivery Service?

Food Delivery Service Deliver your food with a bigger portion

Have you ever had a day when it was heavily raining, no mood to go dine out at your favorite restaurant or you simply wanted to send your favorite dish to you friend? Now, SKOOTAR already has our food delivery service as a solution to those problems.

Due to our SKOOTAR messengers usually ride a motorcycle to pick up and drop packages, therefore, according to Thai law, our messengers will be able to only carry stuff that does not weigh over 20 kg or 50x50x80cm. With this reason, please kindly be watchful not have our messengers to deliver too heavy stuff. Now let us explore more SKOOTAR special food deliver.

You can call a messenger to pick up your food from your favorite restaurant or delivery your favorite dish to your friends within 45 minutes. Also, if you did not want to order it right away, you can still use our ‘later’ function which you can specify date and time when you want the messenger you pick up your stuff, as well we, when the task will be complete

Besides that, if you select pick-up food service, you can also opt for an extra service in order to prevent damage to your food. You can simply do it by selecting the extra service ‘Food box size 43x45x43cm.’ Many people might think that SKOOTAR box can only put food, but actually that is not true. The SKOOTAR box can put almost everything from fragile packages, safety demanding documents to fragile food (except cake). Most importantly, you can also use the SKOOTAR box for free. For more information about SKOOTAR box, please click here.

You have now reached the final paragraph. I suppose many of you may be intrigued in using SKOOTAR now. If you would like to know whether SKOOTAR is really good or not, feel free to click the button below to give SKOOTAR a shot.



Drone and Its Delivery Potential in the Near Future

Amazon Prime Air – The Most Innovative Product Delivery from the Biggest American E-Commerce Website

After a long process of seeking for approval to use UAV (drone) to deliver products, on 7 December 2016, Amazon has launched its first drone delivery service for the first time.

Drone which Amazon Used

Amazon stated that the drone weighs about 55 pounds and can contain up to 5 pounds. It can fly less than 400 ft. It is automatically controlled and installed a system, which helps preventing it to avoid any things get in the way. The delivery would usually take less than 30 minutes.

After its first drone delivery, Amazon released a video, which recorded its first experience on Youtube.

Thailand’s Direction on Drone Delivery

Currently, owning a drone and seeking for authorization to use one is quite difficult. The drone also must be insured in order to receive the authorization. However, the drone insurance is even more expensive than motorcycle insurance. Besides that, the cost of using a drone as a delivery tool can cost up to more than 100k baht along with constant maintenance. With this reason, many Thai entrepreneurs have no interest in using drone as a delivery tool any time soon. Many companies choose to hire permanent messengers or freelance messengers instead.

SKOOTAR, On Behalf of the Leading Messenger Service, We Volunteer to Provide Convenience for You to Send Your Documents, Parcels, Products, Food and So On with Potential Thai Entrepreneurs.

SKOOTAR วางบิลสิ้นเดือน สำหรับธุรกิจที่ใช้ประจำ

How Does SKOOTAR Help Your Business?

  • Reduce Cost – Save more without hiring a permanent staff
  • Monthly Billing – A ready invoice for company customers
  • 24 Hour Service – Via website/app and track down your status
  • Professional Messengers – Polite and 2,000 baht of insurance

For those entrepreneurs who are interested in the service, you can register below in order to use it with your company.

Register Here


Do You Know? An Individual Customer Can Now Issue a Receipt Under Company Name

Easily Issue Your Receipt Under Company Name

**For only customers who opt payment method by cash, credit card or PromptPay.

Have you ever booked an order with SKOOTAR and every time you receive an invoice only under your name? Besides that, it can also be such chaos to issue a receipt under company name, despite you make an order via SKOOTAR with a company. Also, sometimes the company may change its address and you cannot edit the old address to the new one right away on your receipt.

It may seem like a small problem, but many companies may not allow you to withdraw money by not having the company’s name on the receipt. Besides that, when the company changed its address, the receipt may still be issued under the old address. That can usually be very time consuming to process.

Today… all of these problems will be gone, once you get to experience with our new feature, ‘Issuing a Receipt Under a Company Name’ via our website or SKOOTAR app.

2 Steps on How to Use the Feature on the SKOOTAR Website

1. After you select your preferred type of payment, click ‘Issue a Receipt Under Company Name’ button.
2. Fill out your name, address and taxpayer identification number.

4 Steps on How to Use the Feature on the SKOOTAR App

1. Open SKOOTAR app, then choose your preferred location from starting point to ending point (up to 10 locations). You can have a messenger to go back to the starting point by selecting ‘Round Trip’.

2. Select your preferred category and service. You can add more detail in a note box regarding things you would like your messenger to know.


3. Enter a promo code (if any) and click ‘Now’ (in 45 minutes) in order to call a messenger to pick up your package right away or click ‘Later’ in order to book an order in advance.

4. On the screen of confirming an order, make sure all of the information is correct. After that, click ‘Issue a Receipt Under Company Name’, and then fill out all of the detail to confirm.


Just simple as this, now you can have a receipt issued under your company’s name. Now you do not have to deal all kinds of problems any more.

Term and Condition of Issue a Receipt Under a Company Name Feature

  • The feature can be used with payment method such as cash, credit card or PromptPay. The feature is not compatible with payment method such as invoice payment and SKOOTAR wallet.

If you had any questions, feel free to contact us at our call center 02 105 4429 during working hours.

Do You Know You Can Track Down Your Messenger’s Status?

How Can We Track Down Our Messenger’s Status?

SKOOTAR has launched a new feature, Share Order Status Link last month. This feature will allow you to check your status and share location of your messenger like real time. You can share the link of location status via social media such as Facebook, Line or e-mail to let your friends or receiver know where it is.

ฟีเจอร์ ติดตามสถานะงาน SKOOTAR
How to Share Your Messenger’s location to Receiver

How to Share Your Messenger’s location to Receiver

1. Once you finish making your order, click ‘Share Order Status Link’

2. Select a channel you wish to send to your receiver

3. Track down your messenger’s status like real-time

Do You Know How We Track Down a Messenger’s Status?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system that identifies position on earth by depending on 24 satellites revolving around the earth. The system was first developed in a military. These days, the system is widely used commercially.

ระบบ GPS

GPS System Consists of 3 Main Parts Such As Follows

1. The aerospace sector consists of satellite that revolves around the earth belongs to namely The United States, Europe & Russia.
2. Earth station and sub control centers all around the world.
3. A User must have a device that responds satellite signal. In the case of SKOOTAR, the device is a smartphone belonged to a messenger. Most smartphones have A-GPS system, we will further discuss later.

GPS Functions

The device of the user will receive information of position and time from each satellite in order to process to find a position and current height. For a precise result, the information needs to receive from at least 4 satellites.

A-GPS System (Assisted GPS) – which is widely used in smartphones, has a similar function with normal GPS. However, it depends on a smartphone’s reception to find a quicker and more precise position.

So what do you think? Can you now picture how SKOOTAR usually track down our Messenger’s order status? For those who are interested in using online messenger to deliver documents, parcels, food, you can call a messenger down below.



Check This Out! SKOOTAR Followers! We Now Have a Store on Shopee

Experience Special Discount from SKOOTAR Today at Shopee

SKOOTAR has added another channel for you to buy special discount promo code for Skootar eCoupon on Shopee. We celebrate this on the occasion of opening a new store on Shopee and we have discount promotion up to 50%. Check it out over here.

What is Skootar eCoupon?
Skootar eCoupon is a special discount coupon. You can simply apply your Skootar eCoupon password, and then you can get the discount price to book your order whether to deliver a parcel, documents or food on Skootar.

🛒 How to buy a Skootar eCoupon :
🎁 How to use eCoupon with Skootar  :

Experience Special Discount from SKOOTAR Today at Shopee
Experience Special Discount from SKOOTAR Today at Shopee

Terms and Conditions:
1. The coupon can be used for receiving discount / Skootar eCoupon password for using Skootar application and Skootar website.
2. Skootar eCoupon password can be used both with a new user and an existing user of Skootar.
3. Skootar eCoupon password lasts from 01/04/2019 to 31/07/2019.
4. Skootar eCoupon cannot be redeemed in any case for returning back products or converting to cash.
5. Skootar eCoupon cannot be used with other promotions of the company.
6. Skootar reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions without any prior notification.

API Connection System Service for an Organization

Connect Your System with SKOOTAR. Customer Back-Office System > SKOOTAR Driver

Free API Connection System for an Organization

How good is API connection system? API stands for Application Programing Interface. It is a channel for connecting between back-office system of your website or an app with SKOOTAR system. It can enhance the capability of the system to meet the need of users better. It is quite suitable for E-commerce business that has its own system.

For example – a food delivery website or app; when a customer orders food from your application and wishes to have a messenger picked up the food from a restaurant, and then to deliver it to A location. The customer can simply connect with SKOOTAR API in order to immediately make the order without visiting SKOOTAR website or app. Therefore, it helps saving time from making an order, also enhancing your business management more efficient.

Frequent Questions

What can SKOOTAR API do?

Main API consists as follows.
1. Estimate Price – can check prices before making an order.
2. Create New Job – make an order.
Once you complete making an order, there will be job detail to response you back.
Once you create a new job, there will be a box to enter a call back URL. And once status of your order is changed, there will be a call back to notify you.
3. Job Detail – can follow status of order and check order detail.
4. Cancel Job – can cancel your order when there is no messenger accepts the order, yet.

Is it hard to connect SKOOTAR API? Which language does it use? And how long does it take?
SKOOTAR API connection uses JSON language (Request JSON and Response JSON). Generally, it takes about 2-4 weeks to set up API connection.

Does SKOOTAR API cost?
SKOOTAR API connection does not cost anything. SKOOTAR team will send API document, as well as develop key and production key to your team development so that you can connect with your back-office system. Our team will assist you via SKOOTAR Line IT in case of any unexpected problems with system connection.

Is there a minimum usage of SKOOTAR API connection?
The minimum usage is 100 orders or jobs per month.

Who can I contact, if there was any problems occur?
You can contact SKOOTAR Line IT for any technical problems or contact our call center for any general problems at 02-105-4429.

Where can I check order detail?
You can check your order detail and status of your active order or complete order via by going to ‘Menu’ > ‘Current Order’ or ‘Complete Order’.

Can I add other features if I want to?
Yes, SKOOTAR API can modify features that can be suitable for your usage. For more information regarding feature changing, please kindly contact

How to Set Up an API Account

1. Register to be a SKOOTAR Company/Organization Customer
You can register here

2. Submit the following information at ,
– Registered SKOOTAR e-mail address for a Company/Organization customer type
– Company certificate
– Phor Phor. 20 (if any)

3. Wait for confirmation e-mail from SKOOTAR team in order to send you API Document, as well as, develop key and production key,