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Free API Connection System for an Organization

How good is API connection system? API stands for Application Programing Interface. It is a channel for connecting between back-office system of your website or an app with SKOOTAR system. It can enhance the capability of the system to meet the need of users better. It is quite suitable for E-commerce business that has its own system.

For example – a food delivery website or app; when a customer orders food from your application and wishes to have a messenger picked up the food from a restaurant, and then to deliver it to A location. The customer can simply connect with SKOOTAR API in order to immediately make the order without visiting SKOOTAR website or app. Therefore, it helps saving time from making an order, also enhancing your business management more efficient.

Frequent Questions

What can SKOOTAR API do?

Main API consists as follows.
1. Estimate Price – can check prices before making an order.
2. Create New Job – make an order.
Once you complete making an order, there will be job detail to response you back.
Once you create a new job, there will be a box to enter a call back URL. And once status of your order is changed, there will be a call back to notify you.
3. Job Detail – can follow status of order and check order detail.
4. Cancel Job – can cancel your order when there is no messenger accepts the order, yet.

Is it hard to connect SKOOTAR API? Which language does it use? And how long does it take?
SKOOTAR API connection uses JSON language (Request JSON and Response JSON). Generally, it takes about 2-4 weeks to set up API connection.

Does SKOOTAR API cost?
SKOOTAR API connection does not cost anything. SKOOTAR team will send API document, as well as develop key and production key to your team development so that you can connect with your back-office system. Our team will assist you via SKOOTAR Line IT in case of any unexpected problems with system connection.

Is there a minimum usage of SKOOTAR API connection?
The minimum usage is 100 orders or jobs per month.

Who can I contact, if there was any problems occur?
You can contact SKOOTAR Line IT for any technical problems or contact our call center for any general problems at 02-105-4429.

Where can I check order detail?
You can check your order detail and status of your active order or complete order via www.skootar.com by going to ‘Menu’ > ‘Current Order’ or ‘Complete Order’.

Can I add other features if I want to?
Yes, SKOOTAR API can modify features that can be suitable for your usage. For more information regarding feature changing, please kindly contact api@skootar.com.

How to Set Up an API Account

1. Register to be a SKOOTAR Company/Organization Customer
You can register here https://www.skootar.com

2. Submit the following information at teepob@skootar.com ,api@skootar.com
– Registered SKOOTAR e-mail address for a Company/Organization customer type
– Company certificate
– Phor Phor. 20 (if any)

3. Wait for confirmation e-mail from SKOOTAR team in order to send you API Document, as well as, develop key and production key,