Drone and Its Delivery Potential in the Near Future

Amazon Prime Air – The Most Innovative Product Delivery from the Biggest American E-Commerce Website

After a long process of seeking for approval to use UAV (drone) to deliver products, on 7 December 2016, Amazon has launched its first drone delivery service for the first time.

Drone which Amazon Used

Amazon stated that the drone weighs about 55 pounds and can contain up to 5 pounds. It can fly less than 400 ft. It is automatically controlled and installed a system, which helps preventing it to avoid any things get in the way. The delivery would usually take less than 30 minutes.

After its first drone delivery, Amazon released a video, which recorded its first experience on Youtube.

Thailand’s Direction on Drone Delivery

Currently, owning a drone and seeking for authorization to use one is quite difficult. The drone also must be insured in order to receive the authorization. However, the drone insurance is even more expensive than motorcycle insurance. Besides that, the cost of using a drone as a delivery tool can cost up to more than 100k baht along with constant maintenance. With this reason, many Thai entrepreneurs have no interest in using drone as a delivery tool any time soon. Many companies choose to hire permanent messengers or freelance messengers instead.

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