SKOOTAR Food buying and delivery service

SKOOTAR บริการรับสั่งอาหาร ส่งอาหาร ด้วยกล่องขนาดใหญ่

Food buying and delivery service with SKOOTAR

SKOOTAR currently provides food buying service as well as delivery service. With our new thermal food delivery box, we introduce you to new experience to enjoy warm food at your home or office as if you sit in the restaurant by yourselves. 

Moreover, the new thermal food delivery box suits food business owner since not only our lovely SKOOTAR messenger will send food to your customers warmly, but also the delivery box can contain up to 45x45x43 cm. So, it’s convenient and efficient for your business to manage several orders of your customers in one trip! (Extra service for adding point (up to 10 points per trip))

To use the service, you just make an order on SKOOTAR’s website or mobile application, and choose the food delivery box in extra service categories. Try now!