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Do You Know That SKOOTAR Also Has Food Delivery Service?

Food Delivery Service Deliver your food with a bigger portion

Have you ever had a day when it was heavily raining, no mood to go dine out at your favorite restaurant or you simply wanted to send your favorite dish to you friend? Now, SKOOTAR already has our food delivery service as a solution to those problems.

Due to our SKOOTAR messengers usually ride a motorcycle to pick up and drop packages, therefore, according to Thai law, our messengers will be able to only carry stuff that does not weigh over 20 kg or 50x50x80cm. With this reason, please kindly be watchful not have our messengers to deliver too heavy stuff. Now let us explore more SKOOTAR special food deliver.

You can call a messenger to pick up your food from your favorite restaurant or delivery your favorite dish to your friends within 45 minutes. Also, if you did not want to order it right away, you can still use our ‘later’ function which you can specify date and time when you want the messenger you pick up your stuff, as well we, when the task will be complete

Besides that, if you select pick-up food service, you can also opt for an extra service in order to prevent damage to your food. You can simply do it by selecting the extra service ‘Food box size 43x45x43cm.’ Many people might think that SKOOTAR box can only put food, but actually that is not true. The SKOOTAR box can put almost everything from fragile packages, safety demanding documents to fragile food (except cake). Most importantly, you can also use the SKOOTAR box for free. For more information about SKOOTAR box, please click here.

You have now reached the final paragraph. I suppose many of you may be intrigued in using SKOOTAR now. If you would like to know whether SKOOTAR is really good or not, feel free to click the button below to give SKOOTAR a shot.



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