Do You Know You Can Track Down Your Messenger’s Status?

How Can We Track Down Our Messenger’s Status?

SKOOTAR has launched a new feature, Share Order Status Link last month. This feature will allow you to check your status and share location of your messenger like real time. You can share the link of location status via social media such as Facebook, Line or e-mail to let your friends or receiver know where it is.

ฟีเจอร์ ติดตามสถานะงาน SKOOTAR
How to Share Your Messenger’s location to Receiver

How to Share Your Messenger’s location to Receiver

1. Once you finish making your order, click ‘Share Order Status Link’

2. Select a channel you wish to send to your receiver

3. Track down your messenger’s status like real-time

Do You Know How We Track Down a Messenger’s Status?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system that identifies position on earth by depending on 24 satellites revolving around the earth. The system was first developed in a military. These days, the system is widely used commercially.

ระบบ GPS

GPS System Consists of 3 Main Parts Such As Follows

1. The aerospace sector consists of satellite that revolves around the earth belongs to namely The United States, Europe & Russia.
2. Earth station and sub control centers all around the world.
3. A User must have a device that responds satellite signal. In the case of SKOOTAR, the device is a smartphone belonged to a messenger. Most smartphones have A-GPS system, we will further discuss later.

GPS Functions

The device of the user will receive information of position and time from each satellite in order to process to find a position and current height. For a precise result, the information needs to receive from at least 4 satellites.

A-GPS System (Assisted GPS) – which is widely used in smartphones, has a similar function with normal GPS. However, it depends on a smartphone’s reception to find a quicker and more precise position.

So what do you think? Can you now picture how SKOOTAR usually track down our Messenger’s order status? For those who are interested in using online messenger to deliver documents, parcels, food, you can call a messenger down below.