Steps to Book an Order from the SKOOTAR Website

Anyone Can Use SKOOTAR via Its Website with These 4 Simple Steps

These are the simple steps to book an order from the SKOOTAR website in order to have a messenger to deliver your documents or food, settle your bills, pick up packages, handle official documents or make all type of utlity payments via website and so on for 24 hours.

You can book an order via the SKOOTAR website with these 4 simple steps as follows.

1. Specify Your Pick-Up Point as You Like

A messenger will arrive at your specified pick-up point by clicking ‘Specify Starting Point’ and ‘Specifiy Ending Point’.

2. Select Type of Main Service
Select the most suitable service to you need whether to send a general document or parcel (not over 20 kg), and then click ‘Next’.

3. Add Detail of Sender and Receiver
Fill out detail such as name and telephone number, and then click ‘Next’.

4. Select Your Prefered Payment Method and Sepcify Time of Work
After you specify payment method (cash, credit card, Skootar wallet and PromptPay) and specify time of work, then press order. A messenger will contact in a few seconds.