The Awesome Document Delivery Service of SKOOTAR

The Various Document Delivery Services that Will Meet All of Your Needs

The Awesome Document Delivery Service of SKOOTAR

During a rush hour – the most boring thing for businessmen, accountants or even regular office employees is definitely the inevitable documental work. Many of you may have waited for hours or even all day just to settle your bills or transfer your money to a bank account, but after that, you life will definitely be much simpler once you get to know our awesome SKOOTAR service.

The document delivery SKOOTAR service has well professionally trained messengers who are willing to assist various types of your documental tasks as follows.

1. Settling bills and important documents service – Good news is, this service is free! For those who have to suffer a headache with documental work or are afraid that a messenger might lose their important documents, come try SKOOTAR. You do not have to worry about all of those things. We have well trained messengers on this particular documental service.

2. Money transfer to a bank account service – This service will only impose an additional charge at only 40 baht. The service charge is quite affordable considering the amount of time having to wait in line for hours at a bank. Now SKOOTAR can quite save a lot of your time from carrying the money to transfer at the bank.

3. Cash on delivery service – This is our special service at SKOOTAR only, as we only charge a 50% of return trip. For example, if your round trip was 400 baht, using SKOOTAR service, the cost of your round trip will be only 300 baht. This can save quite a lot for you.

4. Pick-up at a van or post office service – Most of the working hours of post office is 8.30-16.30. The working hours seem to be quite difficult to manage to find a time to deliver a package at the post office for a lot of office employees like us or even many business owners. However, this problem will completely go away, once you get to use our SKOOTAR service. You can simply call our messenger to pick up your package and deliver it at the post office at any time for FREE!

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