How Does SKOOTAR Take Care of Our Messengers and Customers?

How Can Customers Actually Be Confident in SKOOTAR Service?

There are still many potential customers who may not be confident, yet, to use SKOOTAR service. There might be hesitation such as how your package or parcel can be delivered safely. Today, we have Khun Boom (Driver Operation Manager) and Khun Poo (Customer Service Supervisor) to tell you what SKOOTAR is like.

 What is SKOOTAR Process Like in Screening Messengers?

Khun Boom: Primarily, we would conduct a criminal background check. If a messenger does not pass the process’ criteria such as he or she has history of criminal or drug abuses, then the messenger will not be able to work with SKOOTAR.

How Can You Make Sure that Your Messengers Qualified to Provide Service to Customers?

Khun Boom: We usually have training specifically for messengers in terms of providing service to customers, using the system and dealing with various problems and solutions. We would later have a test after the training to evaluate knowledge and understanding of each messenger. It is crucial that the messenger must pass the training in order to start working with SKOOTAR. Besides that, there are also rules and regulations that particularly emphasize on customer service, so that our quality and standard are well maintained. SKOOTAR will take care of our messengers from their day one to their last day of being a SKOOTAR messenger. We consider that, having a happy messenger will result a happy customer service to our customers too.

So Let Us Take a Look at Customer Perspective. Have You Had any Situation When a Customer Having a Problem Using SKOOTAR?

Khun Poo: We have had from time to time. The major problem would be about how to keep up with a messenger. Because our customers want to know where their messenger is and when the order would be complete. Primarily, we would advise our customers to take a look their messenger GPS position in their order screen on SKOOTAR app. However, if the customers still cannot find their messenger’s movement or location, then we would assist the customers by updating and keeping up with the messenger and notify the current location to the customers immediately.

Has There Been Any Other Problems?

Khun Poo: Other problems would be when a certain customer is not familiar with using the app. Therefore, we would help explaining to customer slowly on how to make an order and even do it together with the customer until the customer can finally do it by himself. In another case, it would be when a customer cannot find location, then we would help the customer find the location. We feel proud and happy every time whenever we can assist the customers through our system.

How Can Customer Service Department Give Confidence to Customers on Using SKOOTAR Service?

Khun Poo: We would monitor our messenger service before a messenger receives an order until the order is complete. Before the messenger receives the order, we would constantly monitor type of order from the pinned order to product that will be delivered by SKOOTAR, as well as, texts in our customer note box. If we found that the location the customer specified looked strange, then we would constantly monitor to find what was wrong. We would then find a solution to the problem for the customer. Recently, we had a customer pinned a location by having the same points of location. We saw that the pin looked strange; therefore we called the customer immediately to find out what happened. As it turned out, the customer wanted the messenger to find his thing that he forgot to give. We took an immediate action to coordinate with the messenger and assist the customer along the way until the customer eventually found the thing he forgot.

I Suppose the Customer Must Be So Proud.

Khun Poo: Absolutely. We were also happy. (Smile)

And Besides Monitoring the Customer Order, Do You Have Other Ways to Ensure the Customers Would Be Confident in SKOOTAR Service?

Khun Poo: We do have. For example, when a messenger receives an order, we would coordinate with the messenger with various problems that might occur during work and constantly help the messenger solve problems. Once the order is finished, the messenger would take a picture at each location along with a signature of a receiver and submit that to the SKOOTAR system. The customer will later be able to check information of the order. We also have a favorite messenger system that the customers can choose their favorite messenger into a group of selection. If the customers found any messengers who provide bad service, then the customers can contact the number 02-105-4429 during working hours Mon-Fri at 07.00-17.30 or during weekend or public holidays at 09.00-21.00. We have our team who are always willing to listen to customers’ problems and find solutions.


So what else are you waiting for? A professional SKOOTAR messenger who is willing to deliver your documents, packages and food is here in Bangkok Metropolis.