4 Simple Steps to Wrap Your Basket to Deliver with SKOOTAR Messengers

How to Wrap Your Basket Before Delivering with a Messenger

Happy New Year 2019 to all of SKOOTAR readers! After a nice rest during a long holiday, we all have to come back to perform our lovely jobs. We believe that in this early year, many of you may be looking for someone reliable to deliver your gifts on this special occasion. It is undeniable that one of the most popular gifts in this occasion would be the one that is in a basket. However, it might be frustrating to send out so many baskets in a limited time; hence, SKOOTAR is here today to recommend simple steps to wrap your basket easily, conveniently and safely.

  1. Pick Your Own Box – The most suitable size for your basket.
  2. Put Your Basket in the Box – Carefully check if it fits well with your box.
  3. Close the Box – Seal it with sticky tape nicely.
  4. Call Your Messenger – Let the messenger come pick up your box according to you specified pick-up point

With these 4 simple steps, you can absolutely send out your gifts on this special occasion right on time.

Notice of URL change of website SKOOTAR

New URL of website SKOOTAR

Dear SKOOTAR’s customers

SKOOTAR’s website will move to the new URL (https://www.skootar.com) from August 31, 2018. New website can do the same functions as old website.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (02-105-4429) or contact by (info@skootar.com).

Thank you.


It’s safety to use SKOOTAR

It’s safety to use SKOOTAR’s service

Customers can assure that SKOOTAR’s service is safety because we’ve check all process of our service before deliver it to customers

Messengers recruitment

Profiles of SKOOTAR’s messengers have to be checked. And all messengers need to pass training before receiving the jobs.

During the jobs

We have guarantee 2,000 baht in case of your goods are lost or damaged during delivering. Moreover, if customers have any problem while using SKOOTAR we have customer service which always here to help you.

After finishing delivery

Customers can rate the drivers’ service and choose favorite driver to be the first person who can see and receive your job.


How can SKOOTAR help your business?

SKOOTAR messenger service: How can we help your business?

For corporate users, if you are interested and are now considering whether to hire a full-time messenger or not, we suggest you to read this article.

Benefits of using messenger service with SKOOTAR

  1. Time flexibility: As you know, document handling, collecting cheque or invoice are really needed for all business type during the beginning as well as the end of the month. As you have more things to handle, but you have limited number of your own messenger. Therefore, SKOOTAR service can answer your needs more than an idea of hiring a full-time delivery man. At SKOOTAR, we have more than 4,000 drivers in the system to standby for your job. Moreover, you can avoid the problem of sick leave of full-time delivery man, and efficiently manage time of the delivery.
  2. More efficient: Hiring a full-time driver requires you to pay monthly payment and other benefits such as social security. It’s considered as company’s cost that you have to burden. However, using SKOOTAR can help you decrease the cost of hiring a full-time messenger. SKOOTAR is an on-demand service. So, you can use the service whenever you want by making an order through website or mobile application.
  3. Convenient payment options: SKOOTAR will issue an invoice at the end of the month when you use the service. You will receive 15-day credit term. Furthermore, we have various payment channels to serve your convenience. Interested? please see more here 
  4. Extra service: we provide cash of delivery, cheque collecting and depositing to bank account. We fully understand the world of business and really want to help you make it easier. All SKOOTAR drivers are checked for crime records and are proficient in doing this job. Therefore, you don’t have to be worry. Moreover, we have insurance coverage. For more information, please contact SKOOTAR customer service call: 02 105 4429 in working hour click
  5. API connection:  The API integration is ideal for E-Commerce business that owns its platform. You can directly integrate your enterprise Website or Application into SKOOTAR system. The connection helps enhancing capability of your business system. The key features include estimating price and creating new job.
Let SKOOTAR help you

Use SKOOTAR if you want fast service

SKOOTAR we always provide fast service for you

Sending or receiving packages will not take time more than a day anymore If you use SKOOTAR because we have a thousands messenger around Bangkok and Metropolitan. That’s why our messenger can pick your goods up with in 2 hour and send it to your friends within a day.

Moreover, SKOOTAR’s messengers are working all day. So you don’t hesitate to use our service in the midnight because we’re operate 24 hours a day.


Free credit 100 Baht just invited friend to use SKOOTAR

Just invited friend to use SKOOTAR, You and your friend will get free credit 100 baht

Easy steps to invited your friends

1. Sign in or Sign up to be a member of SKOOTAR

2. Click at menu “Refer Friends” or go to https://www.skootar.com/freecredit

3.  Share a link to your friends. You can choose to share a link by 3 ways.

3.1 Copy the link and send it directly to your friends

3.2 Share the link through Facebook Messenger

3.2 Share the link by posting it on your Facebook

4. Send the link to your friends

Note : You’ll get free credit 100 baht after your friend has use SKOOTAR’s service. However,  your friends will get free credit 100 baht immediately after they have sign up from your link.

Click to Refer Friends

Know more about SKOOTAR delivery box

SKOOTAR delivery box

SKOOTAR Delivery Box

The previous article, we introduce you to the new food delivery box that has bigger size compared to the old version.

Many of you may think that the delivery box is capable to use for delivering food only. Therefore, today we will introduce you to the another way of using  the box!

If you wish to send the item* that quite fragile and sensitive, or you are worried about the weather that may affect the item while delivering (e.g. rainy weather), you can use SKOOTAR delivery box to send your item. The size of  delivery box is 45x45x43 cm., which is an ideal size for parcel shipping. Moreover, the box is waterproof, therefore it is suitable for parcel delivering in rainy season!

To use the service, you just make an order on website or mobile application, and choose the food delivery box in extra service categories. Try now!

SKOOTAR Delivery box Destkop Screen
SKOOTAR Delivery box on Desktop Screen

SKOOTAR Delivery box Mobile Screen
SKOOTAR Delivery box on Mobile Screen

*Limit size and weight of parcel at 50x50x80 cm. or 20 kg.





About receipt

SKOOTAR receipt

About receipt

When you use SKOOTAR service and pay the service fee by cash, credit card, SKOOTAR wallet or PromptPay, you will be receiving a receipt in your email within 1 – 2 working days.

SKOOTAR will send invoice in the following case:

  • When customers choose to pay the service fee via online banking
  • When customers paid the service fee by credit card, but the payment is not occurred.
  • When customer paid via SKOOTAR wallet, but the remaining balance is not enough for the service fee when the job has been edited.

For more information, please contact SKOOTAR Call Center 02 105 4429 in Operating Hour 

Coming soon! Experience our new website order service

เว็บไซต์ SKOOTAR รูปแบบใหม่

Let’s meet the new website order page!

After we heard all feedback from our lovely users, we didn’t refrain from any action. We strive to develop the best service for you and we glad to officially announce the launch of our new website order service. It will be available to use on this coming May, 2018.



Main highlight of the new website’s interface is the ease of use because you can now make an order through Web browser on both PC and smartphone. You can simply create an order without having to download mobile application. We hope that you enjoy the fresh look of user interface.

Example of SKOOTAR new website interface in ordering page

ภาพตัวอย่างการกำหนดจุดในเว็บไซต์ SKOOTAR รูปแบบใหม่ ผ่าน PC
SKOOTAR new website interface in ordering page on PC

ภาพตัวอย่างการกำหนดจุดในเว็บไซต์ SKOOTAR รูปแบบใหม่ ผ่าน Smart Phone
SKOOTAR new website interface in ordering page on Smart Phone

SKOOTAR introduces you to Advanced Order Feature

SKOOTAR introduces you to Advanced Order Feature


Have you ever had the advanced order but you have to spend most of your time in ordering  process, or worry about whether there will be messenger available or not? Today, SKOOTAR will present you to “Advanced Order” feature which answers your needs.

How to book for “Advanced Order” on Mobile Application

สั่งงานล่วงหน้าบนแอป 1

Click on “Advanced Order” on Booking Screen

สั่งงานล่วงหน้าบนแอป 2

Select the date of your job

สั่งงานล่วงหน้าบนแอป 3

Then, choose the start time and preferable finished time

สั่งงานล่วงหน้าบนแอป 4

For Cash and PromptPay Payment, select the point of payment

สั่งงานล่วงหน้าบนแอป 5

You’ll see all job detail in the confirmation screen.


How to book for “Advanced Order” on SKOOTAR’s Website

สั่งงานล่วงหน้าบนเว็บ 1

After Log-in, select the date of your job on ordering screen

สั่งงานล่วงหน้าบนเว็บ 2

Choose the start time of your advanced order

สั่งงานล่วงหน้าบนเว็บ 3

Then, select the preferable finished time

สั่งงานล่วงหน้าบนเว็บ 4

You’ll see all job detail in the confirmation screen.

That’s it! Now you know how to use “Advanced Order” feature to help you save time and make sure that there will be available messenger to get your job done on time!