OCEAN Life Club members receive SKOOTAR discounts via OCEAN CLUB Application

Privilege for OCEAN Life Club members, SKOOTAR offer special discount !!

Redeem special discounts via OCEAN CLUB Application for document delivery, parcel delivery, food delivery and moving service.

During 1 Feb ’22 – 31 December ’22

Rewards :

  1. For customers who use the SKOOTAR express service (Bike) for the first time worth 150 baht. (50 bath per 3 times)
  2. Get a 5% discount on the next usage SKOOTAR express servicer (Bike) for documents and parcels, bill collections.
  3. Get a 150 baht discount (75 baht per 2 times) when using SKOOTAR express (Car and Pick-up) and moving service.
  4. Get a 8% discount on the next usage SKOOTAR express (Car and Pick-up) and moving service.

How to redeem for discount via Ocean Club App

  1. Open “Ocean Club Application”
  2. Select the “Privilege” tab and select the “Lifestyle” category
  3. Select “Receive”, use OCHI COIN 100 coins to redeem discount code valued up to 150 baht (50 baht for 3 times) for first-time use, or use OCHI COIN 10 coins to get a discount of the next service up to 8% with SKOOTAR.
  4. Bring the discount code received, fill it in via Application SKOOTAR service provider before payment.
  5. Shipping discount codes must be used within a period and in accordance with the conditions set by the Application. SKOOTAR provider. Used discount codes cannot be reused.

*Terms and conditions are according to the company. and service providers.

** Reserves the right for customers who receive regular shipping rates only.

**Services around Bangkok & Metropolitan.

Read more: https://www.ocean.co.th/ocean-club-privileges/redeem-ochi-coin-skootar-Ocean-Club-Application

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