Privilege for bTaskee’s Customers

Exclusively for SKOOTAR’s customers when using bTaskee’s Application.

First-times user, enjoy a 50 Baht discount for 2 times uses when using cleaning’s services from bTaskee

Enter code : BSKT100

SKOOTAR x bTaskee

For bTaskee’s Member book SKOOTAR professional logistic services today received 100 baht for first-time use, and get 5 % discount for the Next uses.

Receiving the discount in bReward at bTaskee application

Download bTaskee’s Application at

From 3 Sep 2021 till 31 Dec 2021.

How to get privileges through bTaskee Application

  1. Enter the bTaskee Application, choose “Account” and choose bRewards.
  2. Choose special offers from the list or promotions from bTaskee.
  3. Choose SKOOTAR promotion and “Redeem gifts”
  4. bTaskee customers bring the code to claim at SKOOTAR Application /