SKOOTAR Individual Customers Can Now Issue Receipts Under a Company Name

SKOOTAR Individual Customers Can Now Issue Receipts Under a Company Name

SKOOTAR Individual Customers Can Now Issue Receipts Under a Company Name

In November 18, SKOOTAR has brought a new feature for individual customers to be able to issue their receipts under their respective company name. With this feature, the individual customers can then withdraw money in a case when a certain company does not have a company customer in our system. At that time, the individual customers can do it through making an order on the website only. You can read for more information about how to issue a receipt under a company name through the website here.

SKOOTAR Individual Customers Can Issue Receipt Under a Company Name As Follows.

1. Select Your Order Location Starting Point – Ending Point

1. Open SKOOTAR app, then choose your preferred location from starting point to ending point (up to 10 locations). You can have a messenger to go back to the starting point by selecting ‘Round Trip’.

2. Select a Preferred Category and Service

2. Select your preferred category and service. You can add more detail in a note box regarding things you would like your messenger to know.

3. Call a Messenger

3. Enter a promo code (if any) and click ‘Now’ (in 45 minutes) in order to call a messenger to pick up your package right away or click ‘Later’ in order to book an order in advance.

4. Issue a Receipt Under a Company Name

4. On the screen of confirming an order, make sure all of the information is correct. After that, click ‘Issue a Receipt Under a Company Name’, and then fill out all of the detail to confirm.

**For customers who make payment by cash, credit card or PromptPay only.

Check Out the Simple Steps of Making Bill Payment

Check Out the Simple Steps of Making Bill Payment

Bill payment, a new feature from SKOOTAR specifically for business customers that will help you make your payment easier without disclosing proof anymore. The feature will start functioning the first bill payment in February 2019 onward. You will receive another invoice along with a bar code that will help you make your payment easily via these channels as follows.

1. Every branch of Kasikorn Bank – You can make your transaction at a physical branch or via electronic channels without paying any fees. You can do it by following the simple steps as shown below.

  • K-Plus
    Check Out the Simple Steps of Making Bill Payment
    Bill payment via K-Plus steps

    4 Simple Steps To Make Payment via K-Plus

    1. Download – Open K-Plus app or download it on Play Store or Apple Store.

    2. Go to Scan – On the right hand side below ‘Scan’.

    3. Scan Bar Code – Select ‘Scan Bar Code’ instead of ‘QR Code’ on the right hand side.

    4. Make Payment – After clicking the ‘Scan Bar Code’, the screen will turn horizontal. Now you scan the bar code on the invoice page in order to make your payment.

  • K-Cyber – To create a bill payment form. Click here for more info
    Check Out the Simple Steps of Making Bill Payment
    Bill payment via K Cyber steps

    1. Click ‘Product and Service Payment’

    2. Fill out detail such as bank account number and invoice

    3. Specify the amount of money you would like to pay now or later

    4. Make payment

  • ATM

    Check Out the Simple Steps of Making Bill Payment
    Bill payment example

1. Insert your ATM card.
2. Enter you ATM card password.
3. Click ‘Bill Payment/Cash Payment/Barcode Payment’.
4. Click ‘Others/Specify Company Code/Specify Company ID’.
5. Click ‘Saving Account’.
6. Enter password Company ID ‘10506’ Skootar Logistics.
7. Enter your invoice number (Ref.1) according to your bill payment.
8. Enter your customer code (Ref.2) according to your bill payment.
9. Enter the amount of money you would like to transfer.
10. Check for accuracy before clicking ‘Confirm’

  • Any branch near you

2. Via other banks, click here for more information.

If you need additional information, feel free to contact our call center 02 105 4429 during business hours.

About receipt

SKOOTAR receipt

About receipt

When you use SKOOTAR service and pay the service fee by cash, credit card, SKOOTAR wallet or PromptPay, you will be receiving a receipt in your email within 1 – 2 working days.

SKOOTAR will send invoice in the following case:

  • When customers choose to pay the service fee via online banking
  • When customers paid the service fee by credit card, but the payment is not occurred.
  • When customer paid via SKOOTAR wallet, but the remaining balance is not enough for the service fee when the job has been edited.

For more information, please contact SKOOTAR Call Center 02 105 4429 in Operating Hour 

SKOOTAR provides Invoice Payment for Corporate User

SKOOTAR provides Invoice Payment for Corporate User

billing payment วางบิล

For SME, small business owner or entrepreneur, you may have heard of Invoicing and Payment Term before. Today, SKOOTAR would like to present you how invoicing benefits to your business.

SKOOTAR let you use our services, and pays for them later. At the end of the month, we will give you an invoice in order to report you the usage and expense that you used in that month.

How’s SKOOTAR Invoicing benefit to your business?

The credit term for invoicing is 15 days. These helps you enhance the ability in cash flow management, and it is time-saving since you only pay for the services once a month after you have used. Moreover, SKOOTAR provides official receipt for business purpose of deducting tax.

Example of invoicing
Example of invoicing

For business who wants to user SKOOTAR Invoicing

สำหรับลูกค้าธุรกิจที่สนใจวางบิลกับเรา เพียงเตรียมเอกสารดังต่อไปนี้

  • A photocopy of VAT Registration (VAT20)
  • A photocopy of Certificate of Company/Partnership Registration

Send the following information to email, it takes time around 1-2 business day for document verification.

Various payment method

We provide many payment method for invoicing as following:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfering*
  • Internet Banking*
 SKOOTAR Invoicing

*additional payment fee may be charged according to the banks. Please ask the bank you pay for more information

Now you can deduct 1% withholding tax when paying invoice online

Deducting 1% WHT when paying invoice by Credit Card, Online Banking, or ATM is now available on all SKOOTAR platforms.


Just press a button to pay invoice in payment menu, you will be asked if you want to deduct WHT. Once selected, the system will calculate the deducted amount for you to proceed with the payment as usual.

After the payment, kindly send WHT document to SKOOTAR Logistics Co., Ltd. (71/3 Sukhumvit 39, Klongtun Nua, Wattana, Bangkok, 10110)

* If you pay invoice by bank transfer, kindly send the evidence of payment to