Great value promotion with KTC x SKOOTAR

Great value promotion with KTC x SKOOTAR

When using online messenger service, sending documents, sending parcels, delivering food via SKOOTAR

• Get 40 baht discount (3 times uses) for new customers who use the service for the first time. By specifying the discount code “ KTCW211 ”
• Get 8% discount for current customers. (Using unlimited number of times) by specifying the discount code “ KTCR212 ” with no minimum spending limit.

*This privilege cannot be used in conjunction with special price packages and other promotions
**Except KTC UNIONPAY credit card

15 Aug. 2021 – 31 Dec. 2021

Redeem 10% cashback when using KTC FOREVER points equal to online spending amount per transaction
and get KTC FOREVER points x10 times when registering at
(*1 times normal points + points Special up to 9 times)

1 Aug. 2021 – 31 Jan. 2022

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