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SKOOTAR delivery box

SKOOTAR Delivery Box

The previous article, we introduce you to the new food delivery box that has bigger size compared to the old version.

Many of you may think that the delivery box is capable to use for delivering food only. Therefore, today we will introduce you to the another way of using  the box!

If you wish to send the item* that quite fragile and sensitive, or you are worried about the weather that may affect the item while delivering (e.g. rainy weather), you can use SKOOTAR delivery box to send your item. The size of  delivery box is 45x45x43 cm., which is an ideal size for parcel shipping. Moreover, the box is waterproof, therefore it is suitable for parcel delivering in rainy season!

To use the service, you just make an order on website or mobile application, and choose the food delivery box in extra service categories. Try now!

SKOOTAR Delivery box Destkop Screen
SKOOTAR Delivery box on Desktop Screen
SKOOTAR Delivery box Mobile Screen
SKOOTAR Delivery box on Mobile Screen

*Limit size and weight of parcel at 50x50x80 cm. or 20 kg.